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2014-06-21 16:32:29
Don't Let Paint Cost You a Nice Las Vegas Home!

As a Realtor, I see a lot of funny things that cause people to not like a home.  Many of them are legitimate reasons.  The one I always have a hard time understanding is the color the home is painted.

Many people cannot look beyond the paint color.  It will cause potential clients to leave minutes after entering the home or stick in their brain and cause them to talk about nothing else as we walk through the home.  No matter how many nice features the home may have the negativity of the paint color to them is all that matters.

What many people do not understand is you can easily change the paint color before you move into the home.  Whether you paint it yourself or have someone paint it for you, it's not that expensive to do when the home has no furniture in it.  Painters will usually cut you a break on the cost of painting the home when it is empty.  If your on a budget, you can take your time and paint the home one room at a time as the money becomes available. 

When looking at a home, please put the paint color in the back of your minds and take time to see if the home has all of the attributes you want in the home.  Make your decision on location, if the home fits your needs and you can afford the payment.  Don't let the paint color control your decision.

I hope you liked my blog.  You can always contact me at 702-809-6300, email me at bradzsellsvegas@gmail.com or check out my website at www.bradzsellsvegas.com.  Thanks and have a good day!

James 'Brad' Zebio
Realty ONE Group

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